Hands-Free Hilarity: The Cell-Phone C...

Don't be that person searching for a lost phone or TV remote - upgrade to our Pocket Pillow! This nifty nugget sits snugly on your bed or couch, serving as a hands-free hub. Watch Netflix, HBO, and kitten dancing on Tik Tok, all with your phone securely nestled in the pocket. Plus, it's not just for tech – slide in photos of loved ones for a heartwarming touch. Now say goodbye to hand strain and hello to convenience: any phone size, cradled perfectly. Remote controllers, lovingly anchored. ...


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Imperial Walker Bunk Bed

Is your mini Stormtrooper dreaming of bedtime battles? Then have we found the bed of their dreams! Cue the Star Wars theme tune and imagine their surprise when they find an Imperial Walker, well battle-scarred, parked right in their bedroom. Crafted by top-notch Ewok craftsmen from galaxy far, far away, this bunk bed is designed to scale and could fool even the most discerning Jedi. It's not just a bed, it's a rebel-wreaking, space-trekking adventure every single night! Welcome to the Galacti...


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Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair Tool

Can you swim? Oh wait, it doesn't matter! With the Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair Tool, you won't need to transform your home into an indoor pool. Is that pipe threatening to burst? Well, tell it to hold its horses because Kibosh has your back. Wrap this huggable contraption around the livid part of your pipe and watch as it plays peace-keeper, putting a lid on that leak with the firmness of a school headmaster. This fascinating little life-saver rolls up its sleeves, gets to work, and says, "N...


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Sparkling Water Maker

Feeling parched? Wish you could summon a sparkling oasis right in the heart of your kitchen? Well, buckle up, buttercup, because this isn't just a simple hydration situation; it's a full-blown fizzy-water festival! Our snazzy little Sparkling Water Maker, powered by your friendly neighborhood molecule CO2, brings the bubble straight to you (and who doesn't love a good bubble?) With a push of a button - voila! You transform into the grandmaster wizard of water, capable of conjuring up to 60 l...


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Giant Michael Myers Inflatable

Hey, thrill-seekers! Ready to add a Halloween horror twist to your garden? Well, gear up to spook the socks out of your entire neighborhood with this ginormous Michael Myers inflatable. Slaying in at a whopping twenty-five feet when fully pumped up, this mega-sized menace from your favorite John Carpenter's masterpiece is bound to put the "whee" in your Halloween. Town resider or scare tower? You decide!


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Hand Forged Pizza Axe

Who said you have to be a lumberjack to wield an axe? With this Hand Forged Pizza Axe, you can hack your pie into perfect slices with untamed gusto that rivals Paul Bunyan himself! Go ahead and assert your position as the ultimate pizza conqueror - this axe is compact, easy to swing, and gets the job done like a pro (minus the flannel and the beard). And to add the cherry (or should we say pepperoni?) on top, you can customize your weapon of choice with either an ash or rose-wood handle. Two ...


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Japanese Wooden Sandals

Slide into some culture with these Japanese wooden sandals, because nothing says, "I'm internationally cool and stylish" like sporting a pair of geta on your feet. These sandals are not just any ordinary footwear—they're handcrafted from lightweight wood that’s as breezy to move in as a ninja on a mission. But we didn’t forget about your comfort, oh no! Topped with black velvet straps (because you're all about that plush life), your trotters will feel like they're walking on silk-tied c...


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Eiffel Tower Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Meet your new morning buddy, the Eiffel Tower Cold Brew Coffee Maker. It's not just brewing coffee, it's inviting Paris right into your kitchen, every morning! And let's be real, nothing starts the day off right like a little French romance and a cold brew coffee. The catch? It takes its sweet time, about 10-12 hours to be exact. It's the kind of coffee maker that's in no rush, lazy like a Sunday morning. So don't forget to enlist the help the night before - it's the secret ingredient to waki...


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Indoor Fitness Swing

Get ready to give your glutes a gravity-defying makeover with this indoor fitness swing! It's like the circus ran into your local gym and decided to have a wild party. Perfect for pumping up those peachy cheeks, this indoor swing is all about fun and fitness mashed together. Want to play Tarzan, train as a ninja acrobat, or simply rock back and forth while binge-watching your favorite sitcom? You've got it! With this swing, your fitness routine just took a hyper, more fun leap into the air!


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