Chocolate Gifts

Do you know what they say? Nothing says "I appreciate you" more than a gift that's made of chocolate. And if you're shopping for someone who can't get enough of that sweet, velvety goodness, you're in luck because we've got a category just for them. Welcome to Chocolate Gifts, the place to be if you want to surprise your loved ones with a present that's sure to put a smile on their face. From decadent truffles to gourmet chocolate bars, our selection has something for everyone, even for that one friend who claims they don't have a sweet tooth (we all know they're lying). So go ahead, dive into our delicious world of chocolate, and find the perfect gift that'll make you a hero in their eyes.

Chocolate Planets Solar System

Get ready to chow down on the cosmos! These mouth-watering chocolate globes are crafted by hand from the creamiest, dreamiest 100% Belgian chocolate known to mankind (or Martian). They're painstakingly daubed to mirror our marvelous planetary pals out in the vastness of space – including our very own dazzling, daylight-dishing star. Warning: intense gravitational pull toward your taste buds!


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Ben And Jerry's Ice Cr...

Roll up, roll up, folks! Forget those boring museums or dusty factories, we've got an adventure that is set to make your sweet tooth do the cha-cha-cha. What is it, you ask? It's a whirlwind tour of the fantastical, magical Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory! Picture this - you stroll in, eyes wide and mouth watering, as you get to witness your preferred creamy confection transform from simple ingredients to spoon-ready delight right before your awestruck peepers. Knock knock,...


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Mega Stuffed Cookies

Get ready to book a first-class ticket to Tastyville with these ginormous, mega stuffed cookies! Handcrafted with love (and the choicest of ingredients, of course), these titan-sized treats are ready to wage a lip-smacking war on your unsuspecting taste buds. And guess what? Spoiler alert - the cookies always win. Got an appetite Godzilla would be proud of? Fear not! These behemoth biscuits are available in a wild assortment of flavors that are so good, they'll have your sweet tooth thro...


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Nutella Stuffed Cookies

Alright, listen up cookie monsters! If you're going to betray your diet, at least do it with some style. Enter: Nutella Stuffed Cookies. And oh, baby, they're far from your ordinary cookies. Painstakingly handcrafted, they hide a wickedly delicious secret - a soft, chocolatey heart of Nutella ready to burst with gooey decadence at your first bite. It's a sweet rebellion done right. Eat responsibly... or not, we won't judge!


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Reese's Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas just got a whole lot yummier, and I can prove it. Open the Reese’s Advent Calendar each day and bam! A fun-filled, bite-sized surprise awaits you. Whether you're a tiny tike or just a grown-up chocoholic refusing to admit your age, this is your golden ticket to festive bliss. Yes, there's a cheerful blend of mini Reese’s Cups and Reese’s Pieces packed inside. So, are you ready for 24 days of Reese's-induced joyride? Get your stretchy pants on, it’...


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Giant KitKat Cake Mold

Hey there, chocoholics! Got a special occasion coming up? Why stick with a regular, plain Jane vanilla cake when you can have a mind-blowingly enormous KitKat cake instead!? You read that right, folks. We're no longer in the business of simple birthday cakes. Now, birthdays, anniversaries, or any Tuesday, really, can be made extraordinarily delicious with our awe-inspiringly ginormous KitKat cake mold! Not only does it give you a Godzilla-sized version of your favorite treat, but this b...


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Alcohol Infused Gourmet Fudge

Who needs a clunky ID when you can savor the divine taste of our alcohol-infused gourmet fudge? Crafted with the joy of an overzealous chef with a secret stash of dark chocolate raspberry liqueur, this fudge is here to tempt your taste buds like never before. Although it won't give you a buzz, who even needs one when you have all the blissful, luscious, and slightly naughty flavors of our divinely intoxicated fudge. Tangy, sinful, and homemade - at least now you can say you have tasted l...


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Jumbo S'mores Cookies

Skip the hassle of firing up your oven and dive straight into a world of sweet, melty madness with these jumbo s'mores cookies. Imagine a chocolate chip cookie and a s'more had a love affair, and their child was this mouth-wateringly monstrous dessert. So viral, even your grandma is talking about it! This beast of a cookie makes being a couch potato totally worth it. It's unbelievably tasty, absolutely enormous, and best of all, you don't have to play "will it burn?&q...


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Edible Fake Poop

They say life's a banquet, but who knew dessert could be so...interesting? This edible fake poop will take your sense of culinary adventurism to a whole new level! Now you can literally care a ‘chocolate’ without anyone blinking an eye. Our scrumptious servings range from a dainty "chihuahua" dollop, for the peckish, to a "great Dane" dump for the ravenous. Feeling stressed? Unleash your inner child, make a mess, and truly indulge in some dirty fun! Just add water...


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