Golfing Gifts

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for the golf lover in your life? Look no further than our collection of Golfing Gifts! We've got something for every level of golfer, from newbie to pro, and every budget. Whether they need a new set of golf balls or a fancy range finder, we've got you covered. But we don't just stop at the practical gifts - we've also got some hilarious novelty items like a golf ball-shaped toilet bowl cleaner (because who doesn't want to combine their two loves in one?) or a "Tee-rific" coffee mug for their morning brew. So put down that generic gift card and give them something they'll truly appreciate - a gift that shows you know their passion for the game.

Tiger Golf Towel

Hey there golf aficionado, add a dash of hilarity and a pinch of sport history to your greens routine with this Tiger Woods golf towel. Remember that event in golf history that made the water cooler conversations a lot more interesting? Yeah, we got that iconic mugshot beaming at you from this towel. Boasting an impressive size of about 16 x 24 inches (kind of like Tiger's collection of major trophies), this towel serves up some major absorbency. Why is it so absorbent, you ask? It's all tha...


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Tiger Woods Mugshot Ball Ma...

Who says golf can't tickle your funny bone? Feast your eyes on this Tiger Woods Mugshot Ball Marker! This little chuckle-chasing tool is first in its class for giving the buzzkill of an overly serious game a good ol' poke in the ribs. Made from a kind of metallic that seems to have a pact of immortality, this marker is guaranteed to chaperone your golfing adventures for years, making it the ultimate forever friend (think, the homecoming king of your golf bag). As if that wasn't enough, we've ...


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SOD Rise 4×4 Off-Road RV

Swap the putter for a gear stick and say hello to the 'VW Golf R 333' - the golf cart on steroids! This beauty takes speed holes to a new level with a stomach-dropping 0-60 time of just 4.6 seconds - that’s quicker than you can say "FOUR!" Topped off with a maximum speed of 168mph, it guarantees you'll never be late for tee-off again. Plus, with a quad-tip Akrapovic exhaust system, it doesn’t just purr, it roars back at life. Let's call this baby the Tiger Wo...


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Professional Golf Putting Mat

Hey, aspiring Golf Gods and Goddesses! Do you want to step up your putt prowess without technically stepping out of your house? Well, behold – the Professional Golf Putting Mat of your dreams! It's so real, you can practically hear the golf claps in the background. Constructed with high-craftsmanship using cream of the crop, top-notch artificial turf, this mat mirrors the essence of the greens. Sporting a 40 mm rough and 12 mm green - this beaut's got it all covered. Available in ...


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Golf Cart Hotdog Holder

No more scarfing down your savory sausage between swings! The Golf Cart Hotdog Holder is here to change the game - and we're not talking about golf. Crafted like a mini hotdog hammock, this ludicrously practical gadget lets you cart your juicy frankfurter around with legendary ease. So, to all you famished fairway fanatics: free your hands for those hole-in-ones and leave the hotdog hustling to us!


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EV Mini DeLorean

If the Doc's time machine had a quirky little brother, it would be this mini EV DeLorean. A badass set of alloy wheels that began life as an Aussie soapbox car, it has since undergone a riveting transformation akin to the ugly duckling (sorry Aussies!). Somewhere between a pitstop and a crazy lab experiment, it colluded with a golf car, and voila - a downright spectacular mini Delorean was born! So, buckle up and strap in for the coolest ride of your life – no time-space continuum hoop...


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The Big Beertha

Next time you make your brave pilgrimage to the golfing shrine, don't forget to sneak the Big Beertha into your magical bag of golfing tricks. This bad boy isn't your run-of-the-mill, yawn-inducing golf driver, oh no. It's actually a craftily covert beer bong, masquerading as a driver! It might look and feel just like a regular club, but this gem has a secret - it's ready to party at a moment's notice. With the capability of holding up to sixteen ounces of your belove...


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VW Golf R 333

For those of you who are crazy about Golf R and dream of a ride that has both beauty and beast qualities, we present to you the limited edition Golf R 333. This speed beast will zoom from 0 to 60 faster than you checking your texts (which you shouldn't do while driving, just so we're clear), clocking in at a mind-boggling 4.6 seconds! Want to know its top speed? Brace yourself! This road runner won't stop until it hits a whopping 168 mph. But there's more! It's not ju...


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Fortune Golf Tees

Ready to rise and shine on the golf course? Tee off your day with our hoot of a golf accessory - the Fortune Golf Tees. Crafted from bamboo (because plastic is so last season), this batch of 50 tees comes in a funky Chinese takeout box (who knew, right?). At 70mm, they're just the right size to hit that sweet spot. So why not get a box or two for your golf-obsessed pal? Clearly, it's 'in tee' to be kind!


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