Get ready for a wild, heart-racing surprise with our cobra-in-a-box, the Remote Control Hissing Cobra! 🐍 Seventeen inches of slithering surprise is waiting to startle your friends and liven up your parties! Isn't it just pure terror-ific fun?

This remote-controlled reptile is an absolute riot and promises giggles galore. It’s the perfect prankster to slip into a shoe 👟 or become the uninvited guest at a sleepover 🛌. With the comically convenient egg-shaped controller 🥚, bring this nifty nope-rope to life with just a press of a button. Then sit back, relax, watch the faces of the unsuspecting, and slap your knees at your own incorrigible mischief!

Our cobra isn't just any garden rat catcher! This hissing hustler is all business - it's got hisss-terical antics and sss-silly games. It plays rough but always safe. Just remember, it might be a snake, but it won’t bite, and it's best to keep the joke by pointing it away from your face. 😅 Welcome to a world where lizards take the living room stage, we call it jungle-antics!

And hey, don't just take our word for it. Listen to Gladys, 81, from Wisconsin, who said - "I slipped it into grandpa's slipper. Haven't laughed that hard since 'Nam!" Or Todd, 12, from Ohio, who boasted - "Scared the bejeebers out of my big sister. Best. Day. Ever!" 🎉

Get ready for laughter-filled chaos that even a snake charmer couldn't resist! Welcome to a world of fun, fright, and your very own feisty remote control cobra! Here's to a hiss-teric experience! 🐍

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